Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Surface design

I've been wanting to paint and stamp for awhile now and today became the day for a little experimentation. I plan to do some surface design every week. I used a piece of brown velvet and a mixture of types and brands of paint - both fabric and acrylic. After painting the little crochet piece I wondered if it would make a good stamp and tried it on a piece of paper towel. I like the result. For the square cotton piece I used a foam brush, rubber comb, a foam-tipped applicator and a pipette.
When colouring these pieces, I had nothing in mind and it would be interesting to instead use something to work with as a source of inspiration - even if it was just particular colours. I imagine adding stitch to make them more interesting - possibly shiva sticks, foils or beads. I could also see creating a 'stamped' quilt top with the crochet squares - they're like mini-mandalas.
I also read part of a book about design and I notice how I think about the various elements when I stamp and paint.

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Laura said...

Nice samples.
Thanks for sharing, Yvonne.