Thursday, January 1, 2009

The cost of stash building

I put my plans to collage my intentions for the year on hold, as well as making another journal cover, to instead pick through a variety of free items, gathering some yarns, books, fabrics, purse handles, and a few other odds and ends. I'm much more selective than I was when first building a stash because I know I have to find room for whatever I bring home and I've realized that I cannot make everything I envision! The items are mostly put away now - and I did begin gathering images for the collage. When something unexpected like today's freebies arises to interrupt my natural creative flow, I have to really check inside as to what I most want to do. How important is getting a few more things anyhow? Would I have spent my time better creating? I probably would feel more satisfied. Yet there have also been so many times that I reach for something I've acquired previously and am so glad to have on hand. And 'sew' it goes... my gradual learning and experimentation with life.

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