Friday, January 23, 2009

Show Time

Yesterday night I attended the opening of a local quilt show that involved a challenge with some members of the Auckland New Zealand Quilt Guild and the Victoria Quilt Guild, who exchanged a selection of fabrics and then created quilts from them. I love how much variety creative minds can come up with! Here is Susan Teece from the Victoria Quilt Guild with her quilt 'A Common Thread'. I sewed the sleeve on my quilt today and plan to sign my name in free motion. I've decided I will sell this one - there's a community art show coming up soon that I will put it in.

Yesterday while I was at the library, I was startled to see a faded book in the quilting section with the nearly undiscernable same title as the first quilt I made - 'Paradise Found'. It has the retrospective works of a fibre artist named Amy Zerner who mixes art materials and fabric collage in her symbolic work. The description of this same-titled book in the preface parallels my intent in the making of my first quilt - to express joy in creation and the multi-dimensionality we live in.

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Amy's website is -- check it out!