Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Motion Begins

I've completed the handstitching on my quilt now and have begun free motion quilting, which is a plodding affair because my Pfaff is so finicky. I have a lesson with it in a few days to help me get to the bottom of what is going on. I believe I"ve tried everything possible - over and over and the odd time it sews like a dream and the rest of the time leaves trails of snarls and broken thread. Since getting this machine in the summer, my quilt completion has dropped to nearly none, whereas before I was completing one a month. So it really is getting in my way.
I"ve also joined FAN - a Canadian fibre arts network north and west of Manitoba, and I hope to make some meaningful connections through that, as well as to increase my learning. It felt like quite a stretch for me - and I decided to do it anyway.


Ruth said...

Congratulations on joining FAN, Yvonne! A goal you have achieved! I too joined and then thought "am I ready for this?"

Yvonne said...

Well - we're 'in it together' now :) I didn't know you planned to join - good for you!