Saturday, January 24, 2009

Follow Your Heart

After completing a bigger project, I often find myself in a lull where I need to do something straight forward like sewing or quilting as my designing juices begin to bubble again. I've been completing quilting 'Follow Your Heart'. It arose a few months ago from rather randomly piecing scraps and delighting in all the colours joining together. No plan, just the fun of seeing 'what if' and then going with the flow. And then I had to lay it aside when my Pfaff kept breaking the threads on my hearts and quilting them became unmanageable. I feel so much satisfaction returning to finish this quilt now, because I have almost felt as though I've stopped producing work since I have several quilts that I had to put on hold because of my machine's malfunctioning. Now I can complete them between working on other pieces.


Ruth said...

so ... is your Pfaff now behaving itself?

Yvonne said...

Yes - it seems to be working well again - knock on wood!