Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drawing From The Well

Today has been one of those days I go down so deep while creating that it's hard to come back up. I've been wanting to try a quick silk paper experiment - using spray starch, so I did that and I was having so many ideas of what to do next, all clambering over each other wanting to be on top to be the one chosen. What I chose to make is something I am not showing a photo of for now because it's a gift and I want to wait until after it's given. The gift feels very alive. I greatly enjoyed how one thing led to the next without me having a preconceived vision, and that something that feels significant emerged. I had the sense today that I am going to make alot of art - that I will sell it and that my work and my love really are one.
I tacked on a few more pieces to the emerging quilt, having to search further afield into my basket of velvets for a dark suitable colour. I hope to find dark red and green to add, as well. I'm noticing as I add each sequential value how greatly it affects my perceptions of the other existing values. What seemed dark before no longer seems so, and the lightest part is magnified. A good example of how important context is. I often think about that when I meet a stranger. Who knows what they may be going through at this point in their life and how it might affect their perception of the world around them?


Ruth said...

Yvonne, It's fascinating to see the quilt emerging, just by scrolling down to the original first photo. I enjoy your insights!

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Ruth!