Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stitching and Velvet Embossing

I started stitching my quilt today - because of it's unusual construction I really have been thinking carefully about the order in which to sew the pieces. I sewed the large squarish partially needle felted piece on first, including the beaded trim. And I decided to handstitch the smaller squares in contrasting coloured embroidery thread and will probably free motion stitch the rest. The photo with the blue thread has stitches that carry on from the quilted lines I've already done on the main squarish piece. I'm stitching on the blue rectangles with orange stitching in lines to lead the eye into the piece. I also tried embossing velvet today - I may have done this before unsuccessfully - I probably used a stamp that was too detailed. It took only minutes and I could see applying this to garments.


Laura said...

Good morning Yvonne,
I like your velvet embossed piece.
Somewhere I think I read that one type is better than another - 100% cotton, vs a blend. Do you know what kind you used? This is an experiment on my list as well.
I also love the hand embroidery on your current large quilt.

Yvonne said...

Thanks very much, Laura! I'm sorry I don't know the type of velvet - I bought it at Fabricland a few years ago. I have heard that rayon/acetate blends work well - perhaps that is what my sample is.

Ruth said...


Acetate is the one to get. That's what I used on the curtains in my Ballerina piece. The curtains are unembellished but I played with the leftovers and was able to emboss successfully using a silicone trivet with round bumps on it instead of a stamp.