Monday, January 26, 2009

Values Quilt

I belong to an monthly art quilt group and one of the members handed out a rectangle of fabric with a challenge to create something with it. It brings Monet's water lilies to mind and I decided yesterday to combine fusing snippets in an impressionist style exploration of value. I selected like colours in a range of values and began laying them down. So far, it looks like a Christmas wreath, which is not what I want, but I will continue working with it today to see if that shifts as I add more snippets. I'm not sure if using contrasting colours detracts from the focus on value, but I believe it shouldn't if I keep the reds to a minimum. The pieces are not stitched so I can still move them.


Laura said...

Fun start for your FAD project.
I'm thinking of something "under the sea" using slashing and overlays and embellishments. I like the bright follow your heart as well. Feels so cheerful, full of hope!

Yvonne said...

Thanks - I did make it in a joyful spirit.
And - I could imagine that fabric in an undersea scene and I look forward to seeing what you do!