Monday, January 12, 2009

First Felted Pet

I am amazed at how easy it was to make this little fellow. I used instructions from the book 'Wool Pets' but it would be simple to design my own characters. I have so many directions I'm interested in pursuing! Over the weekend I've been organizing my fibre-related books and I found it was useful just to remind myself of what I've got and all the possibilities arising from that. I also was reading from Jung's 'Man and His Symbols' about modern art. This choice of material stood out when I paused before my bookshelf and I've learned over time to act on these intuitive prompts by reaching for the book and opening it at random. Although I've read the book before, I'm now at a different place on my journey and inevitably, I notice what I now need. The thought that intrigued me was about the continuum between realistic and abstract art and how the two actually become one and the same - like two sides of the same coin. So, imagine taking realistic objects such as ticket stubs and laying them on paper in an abstract design - this abstract piece would also contain a realistic aspect - like art made from found objects. On the other hand, every painting or art quilt representing realistic objects is really not that actual object, and is therefore an abstraction.

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