Monday, May 11, 2009

Two For The Price of One

While enroute to see the 'Elements' fibre show at Fibre Works Gallery, I found out the Sunshine Coast Quilter's Guild was having a show too, and it was on the way! The guild show included a wearables display, a 'Go Green' challenge and featured an exhibit by quilter Judy Ross. I really enjoyed the variety - most especially how many pieces were mixed media. A favourite piece was Judy Ross' autobiographical quilt 'What We Imagine, What We Become' (previously exhibited at Houston's IQF). You can see it here:
In the quilt description, she says that the image on the left side was inspired by seeing images of Klimpt's work and shows a 'person of surfaces' - what we imagine when we're young, whereas the image on the right depicts a 'person of content', and includes what actually makes a life. Further up the coast, Fibre Works Gallery was charming, and I loved the feminine feel of the circular spaces of the yurts, which are suprisingly spacious inside. The photo above is of gallery owner Yvonne Stowell and I in her studio, which is a fibre lover's dream - this shows only a small portion of it. She was finishing hanging pieces in one of the two yurts that the 'Elements' show was hung in. I was so impressed with the quality and interesting pieces - there was so much to delight in - 70 works of art!

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