Monday, May 18, 2009

Adding More Colour

After I finished embroidering the bouquet on this small quilt, I felt disappointed at how my eye wasn't drawn to the flowers, but to the vase. I could see that the brighter reds, yellows and oranges were not bold enough in just thread, so I decided to paint the petals in. The sample on the right is before painting. I've also been auditioning various fabrics for borders and hadn't found anything that felt right prior to painting, except the plaid for a 'tablecloth'. Maybe now it will be easier to make a selection.


Laura said...

Thanks for sharing. It's amazing what a difference changing the colour of the flowers makes. I guess it's the red against the yellow/orange of the vase that makes the difference.
Which paint did you use?

Susan Purney Mark said...


Great job, very cheerful and I'm looking forward to seeing this in person!

Yvonne said...

Thanks! I used a mix of Stewart Gill Colourise and Angel paints undiluted. One downside of having painted the petals is that the outlining embroidery thread now virtually disappears. Live and learn!