Friday, May 29, 2009

Inside Out

I'm getting close to completing this quilt which I call 'Inside Out'. The name appeared in my mind unexpectedly when I wasn't thinking about it. When I make an art quilt, the meaning unfolds along with the creating and the center of both original pieced blocks that I combined to make this, have flowers in full bloom. While that certainly mirrors what's happening in my garden, I also note how I felt the need to expand the bouquet beyond the confines of the center square, beyond two dimensional into 3D with the help of thread and batting, taking what's 'inside, out'. Creating is like this too - pushing past boundaries into the unknown, reaching for the next vista, making our vision concrete, adding a splash of colour to the world - and that's how we grow. The neon orange thread that echo quilts the bouquet gives a sense of vibration, to emphasize the vital and radiating energy of blooming in motion. The puzzle style quilting is the unknown - that place of mystery we enter when we create. The tablecloth base speaks to the need to have stability out of which to grow, and the horizontal quilted stitch on either side of the vase represents what is known - my experience and learning that are already established. I plan to add beads, a sleeve and signature. Many of the pieces I saw at FAN's 'Elements' show were simply signed with fabric marker on the back and I may choose to do that, as well. The photo directly above this writing shows a tiny piece of much quilting I had to undo because it went awry - I rethreaded and the problem disappeared and it happened because I didn't fully unthread the machine when I spun a bobbin. Even though I should know by now that shortcuts do not work and end up creating much more work in the end - I still take them now and then!

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