Sunday, May 31, 2009

Match Making

Yesterday I went to the Parksville Quilt Show, where I bought these fat quarters. When I take recently purchased fabrics to my studio, I feel compelled to introduce them to their new neighbours - I love the surprise of finding potential matches. I enjoy this with new clothing purchases as well, bringing home an item and discovering matches made for each other. At the show, I also met Gladys Love and bought her new book 'Embellishing With Anything'. The quilt that I was most interested in was one where three women had each created a third of a quilt depicting a bridge that was based on the design of a painting they had gotten permission to use. I saw quilts that were made in classes with Barbara Olsen and Martha Cole, as well as one applique quilt based on William Morris designs. I notice I am drawn to novel presentation and interpretation of subjects, as well as good design and workwomanship. In seeing what other quilters and fibre artists are doing, I enrich my base of possibilities and refine my direction.

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