Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thread Petals

I've started embroidering flowers onto my pieced little quilt that I took on my trip but never worked on. And I saw Susan Teece's trunk show today at the Victoria Quilt Guild meeting. It's always a pleasure to see someone's body of work and to hear some of the details about it. I'm reminded too, of methods I'd like to try and I also get completely different ideas that are sparked in some way by seeing what someone else has done. After travelling through mountains recently, as well as being surrounded by them for several days, I am thinking about returning to work on a quilt I have partially started that is based on a photo I took in the mountains. I also have a glut of new photos I could use and a completely different mountain-based idea. But whether any of these ideas take root and grow remains to be seen. I've also signed up for a workshop with Martha Cole that will take place in the summer. I've never met her, but I saw her fine work in FAN's 'Elements' show and she comes highly recommended. The class does not teach a specific technique or sample, but will involve bringing a quilt already in progress, as well as creating on the spot with a variety of materials. I am hoping to learn from her critique and to absorb whatever I can to improve.

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