Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sea Art and Needle Gardening

Walking on the beach yesterday, I saw this dried seaweed - a piece of natural lace - and also this 'sand gown'. Today while at the Coast Collective Gallery's 'Memory, History and Family' show, there were displays of handwork, including the lace in the photo above, which reminded me of the seaweed photo because of the colour of the backdrop, as well as of the lace texture. I was delighted to see the fibre art pieces of two members of my art quilt group 'FAD' on display, although I had imagined there would be alot more fibre art in the show. There was also a display of crochet and fibre sea forms made by a variety of artists to highlight concern about pollution in our ocean and waterways, which I really enjoyed. You can see some of the sea art here: I'm continuing to embroider a bouquet into my small quilt and I keep thinking 'this will be the last flower' and then I step back and decide it needs some more. I'm stitching as I go, without any external reference and I enjoy the surprise of watching the flowers bloom into being.

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