Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paint When the Sun Shines

These are some of the fabric pieces that I painted today - the green/purple one and red/purple one both were attempts at sun printing and if you click on the green/purple one to enlarge it, you can just see the outline of two ivy leaves in the upper right corner. I have one piece with ferns that turned out somewhat better, but none came out as I had envisioned. I will have to try again. It was surprising how quickly they dried in the sun. I wrapped the red, yellow and green fabric with elastic bands spread at intervals and then squirted paint on and misted it with water. For the white, yellow, orange and turquoise piece, I wet the fabric and twisted it tightly then secured it with elastic around a can. I painted the colours at intervals, twisting the inside of the fabric facing the can outward, so it received some of the paint, too. The orange/salmon coloured fabric is folded in half on the diagonal and had yarn inside that I then rolled the fabric around, then tied tightly forming a ruched ring. I squirted paint on at intervals and misted it with water. I also tried salt with paint on other fabric, which yielded zero results, and I have one black piece still wet and folded that I tested some Stewart Gill 'Alchemy' on by painting the edges of the folds, turning them a lovely metallic blue. I will have to apply more paint and techniques to some of what I painted today see if I can get it to look more satisfactory.

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