Sunday, October 9, 2011

Silk and Wool Blends

I started yesterday attempting to nuno felt, but the fibres mostly stuck to each other more than to the silk ground. So I needle punched them later when they had dried, which really took away from their dimension, and I think I would hand stitch things down, next time. Then I began knitting a silk/merino blend - my first time using circular needles and nearly my first time knitting - as I've tried it once as a girl and a few years ago when I began this blog. I only know the basic knitting stitch but I intend to learn more and want to experiment with less traditional knitting and try felting some of it.

And I enjoyed seeing fall's changes at Elk lake.

My made over sweatshirt provided just the right amount of warmth.

I've been continuing to experiment with nuno felting and I will do another post to show my results.


Katie said...

I am so glad to have found your blog- I enjoy everything so much.;)

Yvonne said...

Katie - that's nice to know and I appreciate you telling me!