Friday, October 7, 2011


I went into the studio yesterday eager to get back to more felting - except that is not what my muse had planned for me. Sometimes I am caught in a creative whirlwind that I just spin along with, for the ride. A sweatshirt is what caught my eye - one that has sat waiting to be personalized for a long time. I auditioned all manner of fabrics, with candidates from eco printing, chenille, silk shibori, velvets, hand dyes, sunprints, snow dyes - I went through them all. But in the end this little piece dyed by Elin Noble felt right. Since it was too small, I added a strip of purple cotton and extended the design as well.

I mixed handstitch and machine because I wanted to see what each look like on a sweatshirt, side by side. You can see there is quite a difference. I had not expected the spring green of the lines on the far right to show up as much as they do.

Do you see the orb in the upper left corner? I had planned to put a circle of stitch around the fabric square and the orb seems like a confirmation.

And a little playing around from a few days ago - taking the Notan concept into colour and fabric. One of the flowers is missing - I just laid them out roughly to get the idea and satisfy my curiosity before filing it away for some future time. Maybe I will felt today... but I never really know!


deanna7trees said...

wow. you did a great job on that sweatshirt. that stitching you did is very effective.

yvette said...


Katie said...

That looks really great! Way to let the muse take ya where you need to go!

Yvonne said...

Thanks, everyone!