Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feeling My Way

I have been exploring further with felting, which is really a whole new medium with all the trial and error learnings along the way. I am working small and just sampling, seeing what's possible for now, with an eye to creating larger and completed pieces in future. For these I carded different colours and types of wool to make some prefelts and tried a lattice. Here is a sliced ball technique I have done before - but wanted to do again. I am building a stash of felt so that at some point I will have enough to draw from to make a finished piece.

A few cord experiments - the bottom one is dry felted with an embellisher machine.

And seeing how yarn might be wet felted to add design.

Impromptu and small as these are, having tried these various techniques, I will remember them as possbilities later when I want to make something specific.

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Phillipa said...

i Loooooove the sliced balls.very organic.
Regards Phillipa