Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blending Colours

I was noticing the vibrancy of fall's colours, today, so a little dyeing was just the thing to satisfy expressing some of that - after wet felting a white base, first.

And why not do some silk rods, too ?

I've cut some of my prefelts and woven them together, felting them to a fabric base and you can see both sides have a different look.

So much to learn...


Penny Berens said...

Love the felting weave, Yvonne. I too am teaching myself to knit....haven't even got the the casting off stage yet.

deanna7trees said...

the woven felt is so lush.

Yvonne said...

Penny - I was looking through past journals and saw I had wanted to do that felt weave a few years ago. So I'm glad to finally have tried it. That's exciting you're learning to knit, too - now you can use all your lovely yarns!

Deanna - I like how I can use the roving like paint almost, interweaving colours so it's not just one.