Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Texture With Stitch

I decided to work with stitching a small piece of silk for Orinui Shibori. The transformation of the texture on this is amazing - a little bouncy, 3 D and alive! Almost a shame to pull those ties...The stitched side has interesting texture, too. It is now tightly bound into such a small bit that I made sure I placed it in my studio last night instead of leaving it on the coffee table in case someone might mistake it for a kleenex and toss it. I am excited to dye it because yesterday I got more colours of the Colorhue dye.
I also continue to stitch this cloth:
And I completed this - a moment of wonder in the early morning when it was snowing at the cove which you may recognize, as it's based on a photo I took and previously posted on this blog. Other then the rectangular outline, I didn't draw any of it with a marker but used my eye and the machine, as I wanted to keep it fresh and alive - and I wasn't going for an exact rendering:
This will be in the exhibition and sale at the Victoria College of Art beginning this Friday night and continuing in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. Our class has covered alot of ground and there will be much to see, as well as all the work done by the other classes in various mediums.


Jensters said...

I love your small cloth Yvonne....and the others are stunning too.

deanna7trees said...

i, too, love the way the pieces look when stitched. some are also beautiful when pulled with all the little puffs. anxious to see how your little piece turns out. i'm thinking of stitching some of my completed pieces together into a pillow for a stool i sit on when doing my bobbin lace. thay are starting to accumulate.

Penny Berens said...

Wow, look at that amazing threadpainting!

Yvonne said...

Jensters - thankyou!

Deanna - yes, I know what you mean about the pieces accumulating! A pillow sounds like a useful way to enjoy their beauty.

Penny - thanks!