Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stitched Shibori

New blossoming in my garden... some stitched Shibori. As it seems with all things stitch-related, there is so much possible with this technique. This is Orinui, which is over stitched on the fold before dyeing - and I also tried Mokume, or lines of running stitch, but not very successfully, so will experiment further.
And here is an attempt at Makiage shibori overtop of some pale itajime I previously dyed. While my stitched pattern wasn't defined after dyeing, I do like the halo effect and variety of colours and ghosts of patterns. One piece of cloth can hold a whole history. I like how each layer adds complexity and depth and continues to spin a story.

With this Makiage, I unintentionally stitched one corner to the rest, but decided to leave it that way to see what would happen after I dyed it. A happy accident, in my opinion!

So - a start on stitched shibori that promises to add many more patterns, shapes and colours to my garden.


deanna7trees said...

that last one is gorgeous.

Herm said...

like Deanna, love the last one also, you guys are doing great in this class!!! I didn't take it because I have done it before, but you make me want to do it again, i should try as the weather gets better!

Yvonne said...

Deanna - thanks - you are getting great results, too!

Herm - so you've done the class, too - then you know all about the suspense prior to clipping the stitches! It is contagious...