Friday, March 11, 2011


I managed to get in two quick experiments today, trying the Jacquard dye over some heavier slubbed silk I had previously dyed with oak leaves. The blue softened and lightened quite a bit after the silk was dry and I like the bit of brown that adds interest. And here I folded the fabric in a different way and used a pipette to drop dye onto the folds of the same kind of oak dyed silk as above - a rather mottled effect.
And I also overdyed a maple-leaf-dyed green rayon into some of the Colourhue dye - and that worked well.


deanna7trees said...

love that bottom piece with all the greens. reminds me of what i used to do with the kids when teaching. we folded rice paper and tipped all the corners with food dye.

Yvonne said...

Thanks - rice paper has such nice texture. Sounds like you enjoyed teaching!