Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shape Expansion

I went looking for signs of spring yesterday and found new growth and variable weather.
No surprise I'm noticing petals and reflected pattern as I'm continuing to explore itajime and got a few more shapes to use. I am noticing putting more care into it - even though the opening of the silk is still a revelation because I'm never sure how well the pattern will come out or how the colours will blend and how they will all work together.

Here I have used two hearts - you may be able to see the slightly lighter glow of the inner one. The design is fairly crisp throughout the length of this, so I'm improving on that. I am thinking I really do need to get the other primaries of Colorhue dyes, because their simplicity would be a real asset to this kind of exploration.

Here's one more:

And I've also been handstitching the rabbit cloth.


deanna7trees said...

nice results. i just got back from michaels and bought a few more wooden shapes. just overdyed some from yesterday. don't like those bright colors so i tried to mute them down some. i did a weaving of one of them and i like the way it turned out.

Yvonne said...

Michaels was my source, too. I left you a comment on your blog about the dye results yesterday, but it came up under my partner's name - oops! I think the brights look best used in small amounts and prefer a more toned down look, too. Hope to see your weaving!