Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shaping Up

My Shibori on Silk online class with Glennis Dolce has begun, now. We are using Colourhue dyes - however - I was only able to find black, scarlet and magenta locally, so I worked with what I had. These dyes are so completely easy - instant colour gratification, no chemical mixing up, no waiting, one quick rinse and no heat setting or washing!! And they are very concentrated. Too good to be true. I only wish I had more colours, but I do have other options in mind. The silks I dyed are a mix of habotai, noil and organza and I will work to improve getting the pattern throughout the fabric, as it's not consistent. In the Mark Making With Machine class, we have also been working with shapes, accentuating either the pattern or the ground with stitch.
And also experimenting with embroidery on various water soluable fabrics. While I love the visual texture created, it is hard in terms of how it feels. I did try sandwiching threads between two layers of water soluable and doing only a small bit of stitch on it, which yielded a softer result.

I've added gold thread to this heart since taking the above photo, but I think I prefer it with the open spaces. I did other samples using automatic stitch, tulle, more open space and an organic kind of grid.


Penny Berens said...

I did the shibori workshop with Glennis, but you've managed to do way more than I ever did! I was lazy and bought a package of fabrics from her. Should go and read the class notes again.
Your machine mark making of leaves is grrrreat.

arlee said...

Every time i see those red leaves in whatever medium or way you do them, i fall in love deeper with them!

Yvonne said...

Penny - thanks! I've taken an online course in the past too, that I didn't end up doing anything in. And - the notes are there for when the muse-ic decides to play:)

Arlee - what a nice comment - thankyou. You have been spending alot of time with leaves and have the results to show for it!