Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drawing and Learning

After trying the cutting back technique, I wanted to explore it with natural fibres I had dyed and stamped to create a pleasurable feel and texture. I sense a joining here, of learning from the two classes I've been taking - it's not woven, but it does have multiple layers. Machine stitched, but I could add some handstitch or do another one that way. It has raw edges and I've added to the texture with patches on top or folded cut flaps back and stitched them down. In the Mark Making With Machine class we were each given the same image to trace with free motion machine stitch on the same ground fabric with black thread. What I really liked about this exercise was seeing how unique each class mate's flower was afterwards, in spite of the identical parameters. I've been in a painting class before where everyone has painted using the same image to copy from , and they all turned out differently, but this was even more revelatory, because we traced the same image!
Then we partnered up and drew each other's portrait with our machines as we looked at each other - very fun and it sparked a variety of ideas for me.

What next?


Pam de Groot said...

Hey! I've just caught up with the snow dying. That looks fantastic. More details Like how!!!!!

Yvonne said...

Hi Pam! I soaked fabrics in a soda ash/salt water solution, placed them in a bucket, piled snow on top and then drizzled Procion MX dye powder mixed with water over top, left to melt/cure and then rinsed as usual. Our snow is all gone so I'm glad I tried it while I could!