Saturday, April 25, 2009


Earlier today I tried some new beading stitches - making a bead 'flower' by using bugle beads radiating out like the spokes on a wheel, with seed beads on either end. For the center, I used 3 seed beads with each stitch, pulling them tightly so they created one piled on top of the other two. I had planned to use a cabochon or very large glass bead for a focal point, but decided that I preferred a scrap flower cut from already beaded and sequined lace. I was blown away by how long it took to do a very small amount of beading in terms of surface coverage and I wanted my piece to have alot more texture from stitch, so I embroidered with various colours in a variety of ways. I feel so desirous of creating fantastic dense and interesting stitch - yet the reality is that I'm a beginner and I'm experimenting rather blindly. It's starting to look like something now and I'm comforting myself by noticing the build up of texture and interest in small areas, with a plan to check each square inch to see if I'm satisfied with it as I keep working on it. I am trusting that I will like the result well enough, even if I cannot yet achieve my visions. We all start somewhere...

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