Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Give 'Piece' A Chance

Here's another type of piecing I tried today - and I realized that I could place this new block above the one I did yesterday for a vase with abstract flowers effect - the flowers being in the central square of the new block. I've played with many possible backgrounds and connecting the vase to the flowers with ribbons or a striped fabric piece - also trying out an orange poppy button in the flower square to draw the eye - but I haven't hit upon the 'right' combination yet , so I'll let it sit for awhile. Maybe I won't even combine them at all! On another note, I am thrilled that some others entered the dialogue about whether our limitations determine our style, and I have a few further thoughts. With complicated piecing, for example, that is only a limitation if I keep it one - I can learn it, even though it would require alot of discipline, will take time and may not be easy. So what I consider to be a limitation can change and my style might alter as I master new skills, which does seem to link my style to my percieved or actual limitations. On the other hand, I do think we are born with something unique to each one of us and that that aspect of ourselves will come through in all we do. It's a complicated question because we continue to grow throughout our lives and I would think that my style will also evolve, even as it maintains something of the original seed - like how a tree adds new branches each year but you can see that it's still the same tree. I've been making art quilts for two years now and since I don't have a history of previous quilting or sewing experience other then a home-ec class long ago, perhaps I am still developing my style - trying new things and coming to understand what works for me and what doesn't. At some point, I imagine I will hone in on something and expand my skill in one area - or maybe I will just call my style 'eclectic' :) .

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