Saturday, April 18, 2009

Consider the Lilies Show

I went to see the 'Fibres and Beyond' group show today in this lovely old church set on grounds with Garry Oak trees and awash in lilies. This is the third year I've been out to see the show and each time is quite different, with varying guest artists, as well. I appreciate the opportunity to see how others are working and to notice what I most resonate with and why.


Isabel said...

thanks, Yvonne- I am one f the 'lilies' and am actually in your picture- navy blue sweater, bending over on the right. Great show, isn't it? Watch for us at the Coast Collective in the fall

Yvonne said...

Hi Isabel,

We have met and I remember having a good conversation with you about embellishers one year. Nice to see your work and show and I will definitely get out to see the show at Coast Collective!