Friday, April 17, 2009

All Done

I finished the final bit of free motion quilting in the center of my watermelon quilt today and I wish I could iron it, but my iron is kaput! So I will be shopping for a new one very soon, as this is a tool I can't be without. I showed my quilt to the art quilt group I belong to last night and learned that I might have made it much more easily without virtually any handstitching by using a pillow case inside out method and cutting a gap in the center of the batting to turn the whole quilt inside out and then stitching that bit up. Also, they suggested that the corners wouldn't need to be sewn in separately, but could be added to one side and attached as a whole side. Good ideas if I ever do a scalloped edge again. We also saw samples of fabric 'bark' and heard about how to simulate it using a wide range of materials.

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