Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inspired to Paint

Last night I attended award winning quilter Gail Thomas' trunk show at Satin Moon Quilt Shop. You can see her work here: Gail warmly agreed to having her picture taken with me so that I could post it as a marker on my fabric journey. I enjoyed her open enthusiasm in sharing with us and her love for what she's creating. I especially resonated with how she sometimes paints and quilts from her dreams, receiving 'answers' to technical challenges that way, as well. I do alot of dreaming about fabrics and techniques and I'm glad the process keeps on working even when I'm in bed. One of Gail's pieces was done in watercolour pencil and covered with clear gesso when it was dry, for protection. Mostly, though, she uses 'Angel' paints from Vancouver's Gastown on her quilts because they keep the fabric's hand soft and allow for working in layers when thinned, and I decided to buy some since there happened to be a set available. I have been wanting to paint on fabric for a long time - and I decided to put these paints to use right away. I wet one side of my fabric and left the other dry to experiment with how the paint reacts. The tulips are on the dry side and it was just a quick rendering from my imagination. While the outlines stay sharper, I prefer the flow of working wet on wet. I did like the dry brush effect of the upper right corner. The blue/orange floral close-up was on the wet fabric. I'm considering whether to paint the sweatshirt I dyed yesterday - or maybe combine paint and fabrics, as Gail does in her pieces. I particularly like how she uses patterned and coloured fabric along with paint. Her stitching was beautiful - she uses a 14 quilting needle and quilter's cotton thread and wool batting and loves her Sapphire Husquavarna.

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