Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bunnies and Flowers Time of Year

As soon as I saw little fleece bunnies yesterday in a book on using fleece, I wanted to make one. I had a scrap of fleece, so I modelled this Easter bunny from one in the book, making a few changes and adding embellishments to give it its own personality. I've never worked with fleece before and I partially sizzled some of it to my iron and had an eggstra :) cleaning job to do. The petal shape of the eyes was another unplanned event, when my thread accidentally looped since I had the opposite side of the fabric facing me. I decided I could use the loops to my advantage - I really am coming to believe that there are no mistakes but rather that the project is going where it wants to go and to trust the process. The petal eyes mirror the shape of the petals on the fabric, the shape of the ears and even the carrot is similar.

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