Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weaving Processes

I decided to combine a variety of weaving possibilities in one piece. The pale peach silk strip is from an old tie and nearly all the rest are garage sale remnants. For me, this weaving visually captures the movement from basic block weaving to expanding by using other techniques - and Jude has posted yet another variation in her online class to try, plus I have other ideas ... The bottom doily has words I've printed on organza woven in. I am reminded of a sentence I once wrote as the opening of a paper on the function of narrative in therapy and I notice that the weaving metaphor I used was years before I was doing any sewing or work with cloth: 'The words we weave both form and inform the fabric of our lives, creating colourful cloaks of security and obscurity from others and ouselves." Some parts are hidden, some rise to the top... All in all a very interesting process.

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