Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lucky Me!

What a pleasurable day I've had. In the morning I found these doilies and fabrics at a rummage sale, as well as other linens. And I spent the afternoon putting coffee on for Australian Gloria Loughman's workshop sponsored by the Victoria Quilt Guild. I was very fortunate to see a wonderful quilt of hers that I have only seen in photos before - 'Kimberley Mystique', as she said it will be the last time she takes it on her travels as it has a permanent spot on the wall in her new home. It is absolutely amazing and huge - that is it folded up on one of the desks, but you can see it here if you scroll over the third thumbnail square down on the left: , although you won't see all the incredible stitched pattern and detail. The workshop was held in an old schoolhouse - I loved seeing the old desks, coal burning stove and an owl sitting with books in the room next to the one where the workshop was taking place. Lots of colours in what the participants were working on and Gloria had her new book 'Quilted Symphony' there as well as her glorious hand dyed fabrics.

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