Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Turning A Corner

I'm pleased with how my woven corner turned out and the piece is increasing in size, with the addition of a dark purple ikat. I have 18 four inch woven blocks, now - not sewn, yet - and I've been combining them in different ways, thinking about whether I'd like to make them into two 12 inch blocks and surround the centre block with them and others - or - I could add a band of solid fabric or try more ideas for small blocks that I have. But one step at a time! I am enjoying this process, and this way of working by expanding from the inside out is a return to the very first thing I sewed when I got my machine about 3 1/2 years ago, when I knew nothing about sewing but googled 'art quilter', as I wanted to make an art quilt and was led to a book on the internet that was available quite geographically close to me - and I couldn't wait to have it: The Careless Quilter by Kristin Miller http://www.kristinmillerquilts.com/Careless_Quilter/CQexcerpts.htm . I was too impatient to get sewing to actually read far into the book, but it was an inspiration and got me started. I just took some scraps of all different kinds of fabrics and began with a square in the middle, turned it on its point and then added corners, strips, etc. I have noticed before that I prefer to start pieces from the centre and work out - or - to lay a ground quickly and then collage or stitch on top of that.


Mary said...

I really like where your quilt is going- Love the contrasting colors. Thanks for hopping over to my neighborhood and your kind comment! Mary

Fabric Art said...

Oh this looks great and the colors are so beautiful I'm sure that your quilt will be wonderful.
Your classmate Anni

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Mary and Anni!