Thursday, November 3, 2011

Water Shawl

Ten years ago when I was giving a presentation in Sante Fe that was the personal culmination of a year's worth of creative expresssion, a stranger asked if she could sit in and I agreed. She later gave me a framed drawing she had gotten from a trunk in a Taos art shop, of 'Deer Woman' - who is wearing a shawl with a stag, stars, land forms, feathers, leaves and birds woven into it - and has what appears to be weaving, on her lap. It is a fabulous image with a story written on the back and I have it hanging in a significant location. At the time I was not stitching or involved in fibre art. It seems like the seed of that gift is now growing, as I made a second shawl. I love how life spirals round like that. I have put some different materials in - one that works but I will avoid in future is silk rods because they stick to my iron.

I also put in silk paper 'stones' because I was thinking of water when I made this.

I like how the back ripples. I made this on my counter, which is really too small a space, and consequently, the shawl is shorter than what I'd prefer.

Here is the length of it when it was still wet.


Hoola Tallulah said...

This took my breath away, the colours have incredible depth. Stunning work, I love blues and greens and your images really sing to me.

deanna7trees said...

especially love that rippled back. btw, those dryer sheets take away most of what sticks to the iron.

Lesley Turner said...

You are experiencing such satisfying results, do you think large scale felting is a new direction in your work?

Katie said...

This is really cool. I love the close up pic. Hey, you're like me,shootin' pics while it's still wet! ha! :0)

Penny Berens said...

Every woman should have a shawl like that....just love it.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You have such beautiful colors flowing from this scarf/shawl. beautiful works. Peace, Mary Helen

Yvonne said...

Hoola - that could make a good title - 'Water Song'. Thank you.

Deanna - I was fortunate nothing actually rubbed off on the iron. I've used those sheets, too and they work well - thanks!

Lesley - I do feel satisfied with the shawls and plan to make more for Christmas gifts to see how it goes. I have gotten such a huge and positive response to them that it seems a good direction to continue in.

Katie - yes, who can wait until it's dry?

Penny, I love your comment and so agree. I have to say how much I enjoy wearing it. It is so light while still offering such soft warmth.

Mary Helen - oh I'm glad you get a sense of colours flowing. Thank you.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I do so love the delicate nature of your lovely scarf. Nuno felting is on my wish list of things to do, but now you've upped the ante because you're telling a story with it. That makes it even more special!

Yvonne said...

Thank you Anne Marie - it was on my list for awhile, too. There are so many leads to follow in fibre art!