Saturday, November 26, 2011

Securing Expansion

I decided I needed to start fastening all my bits down, today. And I filled some gaps like the lower right corner in this photo.

I attached these and cut off the bottom which had been hidden behind other fabrics.

And I basted half of this and am recovering alot of pins.

But the big news for me today is finding a table I can use for laying things out, cutting and sewing, with a storage shelf below! I don't have room for it yet, but I expect to set it up sometime in December.


Nancy said...

Ahhh...progress and promise...looking good!

deanna7trees said...

i basted last night. such a good feeling. i don't have a large table and no place for one so i bought a 24" piece of plexiglass that is working ok for now. love all those blues...

Yvonne said...

Nancy - thanks!

Deanna - yes, it lowers anxiety in a way - because then things put together cannot fall apart. And the plexiglass is a good alternative solution. The large table I've found seems so extravagant in terms of space and opening of possibilities for what I might do.