Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rolling Right Along

The name on this old gas pump confirmed that I was in the right location for a felting workshop! The first day of Ulrieke Benner's workshop I woke to this promising sky:

And here is the view we had from the Artspring Centre, where I spent the day laying out my design, wetting it out, massaging it, checking it and rolling. Ulrieke had brought a huge variety of supplies for us to play with, including bags of roving she gathered according to the colours we wanted to work with. She asked us what we wanted to make and demonstrated ways fabrics and roving could be joined. She had also brought handouts and samples to view -and - a glorious rainbow coloured shawl she had spent several days making.

I decided to take advantage of the large work area, which I do not have at home, to make a shawl. I had brought fabrics, laces and yarns - some of which I found out were not suitable for a nuno shawl, as they were too heavy. I was able to use some bits of my natural dyed fabric, a snow dyed velvet, a doily, pieces of an old silk shirt and yarns. My design covered the surface of this long table prior to rolling it up, and I still had plenty of rolling left to do by the end of the day, so I covered the roll with plastic to keep it wet overnight.

Then we invited for wine and cheese at Ulreike's studio!


deanna7trees said...

looks like a great experience. hope we'll get to see the finished shawl.

Yvonne said...

It was and I was probably posting the shawl when you wrote this!