Saturday, November 19, 2011

Along the Lines of Imagination

There was a surprise on my car yesterday morning - frost feathers! And frost waves:

And frost fronds:

And more pathways and pattern in the spaces between have appeared on this, too.


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Oh no!!! Frost feathers on the wet coast!!!! We haven't really even had that in Toronto yet. Actually when we do, it will be solid frost, with not a feather to be found. LOL!

jude said...

frost is beautiful

bj said...

I see both hand and machine stitching here...the combination is interesting indeed. The way the colors settled into stitches is a wonderful surprise.

Yvonne said...

Anne Marie - really? I am surprised as I thought it would be colder there.

Jude - yes, like magic paintings that appear.

bj - yes it has both and I like that surprise, too.