Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shades of Gray

For the upcoming Nancy Crow workshop, I am supposed to have six to nine shades of gray fabric, and I only have found three, so I decided to dye some. I aimed for a dark, medium and light gray, and that's what I got. Although I stirred them frequently, the medium gray has quite a bit of pattern, which I like, but all the rest of my fabrics for the class are flat colour. And - since I already had the dye baths going, I decided to pop in a few more fabrics, experimenting with using a birch bark star I was given, over dying another piece and doing some other shibori. I only used one black dye, yet look at the colour differences! I love the blue/green of the two pieces in the photos and it's actually a much subtler colour then what's shown and the patterning of the one piece reminds me of frost and vegetation and on the other , of starfish. I have my fabrics packed into two containers ready for the workshop.

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