Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Art of Change

As, you can see in the top photo, I still have more stitching to complete this piece, which is called 'Sea Change'. It speaks to a variety of changes happening in my life and it will certainly be a change to be machine piecing very soon in the Nancy Crow class, instead of all the handstitching I've been doing! I am worried I will be in over my head, but I will do my best and certainly learn a lot. I brought 'Sea Change' to my art quilt group tonight and appreciate having it seen by others who understand the work that goes into it. What a lively group it was tonight - great dialogue about how much time we each work on fibre art and what some of our issues are, as well as seeing the pieces and books the others brought.


Sweetpea said...

Hi Yvonne ~ you are so good about posting often! I have been following your progress, although I'm not always able to comment... I am so enjoying watching where all your stitching is going. I belong to a small art group that meets once a month & we get lively, too, often heading off in conversational directions that pick on politics and other topics. Always fun.

A good friend (a quilt/textile artist) took a workshop with Nancy Crow awhile back. It was direction-changing for her and she still often speaks about her experience there. You must be so excited!!

All the best & I'll be stopping by again to see what you're up to - always a pleasure :>]]

Yvonne said...

Hi Sweetpea,

Thanks so much! I'm glad you are coming along on this fibre journey, too, and being part of a group who share the same interest is a real pleasure. Thanks for mentioning your friend's experience of the Nancy Crow workshop - I am excited and also expect to be hugely challenged, which is both positive and scary!