Monday, March 22, 2010

Cover Girl

My class with Nancy Crow is now one week away and I have begun a journal for it. To design the cover, I cut 3 inch squares from paper I painted with the idea of stacking them, cutting and exchanging the different coloured pieces to reform the squares. I haven't done this with actual fabric before, and thought using paper would be a quick way to experiment and make a cover at the same time. When I tried out the cut-up and reconfigured squares on the journal cover, I found them too busy, so I removed them and added pieces that I wanted and suddenly I saw they had formed a figure which I quite liked - only the white paper background was too stark, so I painted it green, glued on the figure (first time trying out 'Yes' paste and it worked great) and covered the whole with gloss gel medium to prevent edges from coming loose. I'm continuing to stitch my piece in progress, as well, and I am hoping to complete it before the workshop. I noticed that when I downloaded the photo of the reconfigured squares, my perspective changed and I could imagine it as an energetic quilt - although I would play further with the design. One of the supplies we are to bring to the workshop is a printer, so that we can print the photos we take of our quilts - and the value of that has been brought home through making this journal cover.

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