Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pre-Shopping in My Stores

So you might be wondering what are all those colourful items in the top photo - or maybe you recognize a few from your own cupboards? Well, tomorrow is the sewing show and I decided to take photos of some of what I have to remind myself and to clarify that there are only a few items I am looking for - plus I will be open to the odd unexpected energetic hit. I remember my first sewing show three years ago - I had no idea what to expect - and no stash either. Let me say that I was in heaven. By last year, I put the brakes on, but did buy books, since they were a good price. Okay - and a few other LITTLE goodies. So my idea is by leaving the photos on my digital camera and bringing it with me, I will take breaks to remind myself of what is yet to be used at home. Wish me luck!


Sweetpea said...

This sounds/looks like a very clever plan...wishing you luck!

Yvonne said...

Thanks - I think the plan really helped and will do it again.