Monday, January 17, 2011

This and That

Here are some fabric scraps gathering ready for Jude Hill's Contemporary Woven Boro class and sorting through them is like taking a trip down memory lane for the last four years. I have alot of colour and fewer neutrals. I've also been basting fabric weavings and it's good to regain those pins, as I know I'll be needing them!
I've also been finishing my machine thread colour scales for my other class, and I overdyed these fabrics - adding bright green and magenta. They're more interesting now, but I may do another round of colour. I am curious about how different methods of dyeing compare to each other. I used low immersion methods here - with three hours of batching and a different recipe and the results are as vibrant as the tray dyeing. It seems to me there's room for alot of leeway.
And serenditpity plays a large role, too.


Penny Berens said...

Wow that is one huge gathering of scraps! I've been going through mine too and am constantly sidetracked by memories. Love your woven mauves and creams. Dyeing is a favourite of mine. I'm no recorder of recipes so each unfolding, unwrapping, untying results in wondrous surprises.

deanna7trees said...

gorgeous weavings. i, too, don't have many neutral scraps but it is fun to go through them.

Yvonne said...

Penny - I love dyeing, too - and scraps are story keepers.

Deanna - yes, it sure is fun and I know you love colour!