Friday, September 17, 2010

Trial and Error

There is new growth in my yard and it seems to bloom into beauty so effortlessly. Whereas the growth in my studio today is a beginning bearing dubious results out of very focused effort . I finished sewing four curved pieced blocks yesterday, and tried arranging them in every possible manner and decided this one was the best, albeit still not to my liking. The brown shapes are too bulky and I had envisioned lovely flowing curves and an interesting design. Maybe that is why some people plan designs out first on paper!
So I decided to try again, still winging it and sewing four curved pieced blocks, but with less of any one colour so that large dominant, awkward looking shapes would not occur when I put them together, hopefully. Well - I cut and pieced and auditioned this or that and I still had awkward shapes with some of them too dominant - only they were smaller and mostly different from each other. When I cut and resewed, I realized how important similiar shapes are for unity and this is what I have now - whittled down to about a third of the fabric I began with.
I will improve with practice - and - I am enjoying pushing my growth edge.


Penny Berens said...

I'm wondering if the other two thirds would come together as well. Seems very art nouveau to me.

Yvonne said...

Hi Penny - I see it as modern abstract -the rest of the fabric is largely gone - used up in the multitude of seams or is such a hodge podge of bits sewn together that they would add mess to the whole. I am saving them, though, for use in other pieces.