Sunday, September 12, 2010

Other Worldly

Yesterday when I went to see 'Go Figure', a show of cloth and mixed media art dolls made by the Cloth-a-Dollics at Coast Collective gallery, here is what greeted me on arrival - perfect for entering the spirit of the miniature world of the large and varied display put on by the group's 50 members. I also saw this hydreangea umbrella on the grounds
and this butterfly adorning one of the trees.

And my butterfly beast piece is expanding. I've added some clouded sky (which matches the sky outside right now and the change of season) and another strange creature has arrived - a kind of squid devilfish which will have three eyes - one on the end of it's tail so that it can see in all directions.


arlee said...

love that squid!!!!!!!!

Yvonne said...

Welcome Arlee - and thanks!