Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fusing The Grid

These are two quilts I started in Sue Benner's one day workshop 'Fusing The Grid'. I enjoyed designing with my cut fused squares and strips and using a variety of fabrics and seeing Sue's quilts! I also attended a presentation by Sue the previous night called 'The Working Path' and in seeing examples of how she combines varieties of fabrics - including ones she's dyed and painted - with fusing and dye painting, I feel closer to finding the way of working that fits for me. I like to have a minimum of technical fuss so that I can focus on the design and see results faster. And I like not limiting myself to just cotton or only fabrics and not paint. I want all the options - the cake and the icing, too - while still eliminating some of the possible ways to work that don't feel native to me. Pamela Allen also gave a humorous presentation and I enjoyed seeing one of her works in progress, as well as new work and some I'd seen before.

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