Friday, October 30, 2009

Treat Bag of a Different Sort

When I dropped off 'Both And' to Coast Collective gallery today, I enjoyed the gorgeous fall colours, the pumpkin lined bridge on the grounds and especially the large spheres made from branches. They were having a huge hand crafted gift sale, complete with live music and I was sorry not to have much time to browse, as there was lots to drool over. My handstitched piece is gradually progressing - the fringe on the right is meant to mirror the continuation of the waves and the green fabric the ocean depths. On a different topic, I've found out that I'm in the Nancy Crow workshop 'Strip-Piecing and Restructuring II', which will be next spring and very challenging for me, I imagine. I know from hearing about her workshops that participants need to bring alot of solid colours of cottons, so I will be putting this on my Christmas wish list! A few days ago when I was checking Pam de Groot's blog, I also checked her store and found a gorgeous rainbow spiral felt bag she's made, up for sale - which is on its way to me, now :) You can view it here - scroll down:

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