Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fairytale Unfolds

Once upon a time, the pink fingers of the sunrise stroked a sleeping woman and she wakened and whispered, ‘There must be something special about today’. Rising from her bed she heard the mailbox lid closing, and when she peeked inside, there was a package for her from Morahapa Road. Excitedly, she brought the package to her kitchen table, where she removed the envelope and discovered a charming tissue wrapped package with a stitched fabric heart on top, wound together with a fine black and white strand of yarn. “I am your love’, said the heart, ‘and if you follow me, all will be well’. Inside the tissue was a magical cloth that was folded so its rainbow lion was on top to immediately greet the woman. “I am your courage’, he said, ‘and I have come to make sure you always reach for what you want.’ As the woman opened the cloth further, she saw wondrous patterns, textures, shapes and colours; a river, moons and waves. Then the cloth spoke. “No matter what phase the moon is in, my rainbow will lead you to gold; you must only consult the cloth. Follow the ways of the river and you will never get lost. The woman began to sing for joy, knowing she had received the connection to ancient ways, to mystery ways and as she fingered the unfinished edge of the cloth, she knew that all would really and truly be well.
*The spirit cloth called 'Alignment' and heart above were created by Jude Hill and I'm thrilled these beautiful creations of hers have found a new home in mine!


jude said...

hey, what a wonderful story you have shared with the cloth. nice to see it here!

Yvonne said...

Thanks, Jude! I'm so glad to have this exquisite cloth to enjoy!