Monday, September 21, 2009

The Writing's Off the Wall

Today I attended Lisa Engelbrecht's presentation and show of some of her calligraphy mixed media art. What lovely lettering she does! I felt inspired hearing about her journey and seeing her work, and bought a card she made with a large, beautiful 'Y' that is full of flair and interest. The top photo is of Lisa with one of her pieces. She asked each member of the audience to participate in a collaborative art project where we wrote down 'notice' followed by our individual ideas of what to notice such as 'your breath' or 'the feeling of the wind on your face' on a post-it note and then posted them randomly in Duncan. A few days ago, I tried out a calligraphy pen and acrylic inks for the first time - just a quick 'dip' onto both freezer paper backed fabric and regular paper. I really like the feel of the pen as a mark-making tool and with the help of Lisa's DVD, I hope to experiment further. My doodle is in the other photo.

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